About Sputo and Lammert Engineering, LLC

Establishment of the Practice
Sputo and Lammert Engineering, LLC was established in 1988 by Thomas
Sputo as “Thomas Sputo, P.E., Consulting Structural Engineer” in
Gainesville, Florida.  Early clients included local residential and light
commercial contractors and a select few architects.  Soon he was engaged
in specialty design of signs and miscellaneous metals for clients as far away
as Texas.  

New Name – Improved Service
Sensing it was time for a change, Tom changed the name of the firm to
“Sputo Engineering” in 1994 and soon afterwards moved the office to its
current location in historic downtown Gainesville.  The number of clients
continued to grow, as did the scope of services provided.

Growth and Diversity
In July of 2005, Kimberly Lammert joined Tom in the practice.  Kim, who was
formerly Tom’s student at the University of Florida, is a full partner in what
has now become Sputo and Lammert Engineering, LLC.

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